POHA joins International Oral History Association!

It is our pleasure to inform you that Polish Oral History Association has become an institutional member of the International Oral History Association! IOHA is a global organization founded in 1996, gathering oral historians and institutions working with oral history. Its goal is to provide a forum and a means for cooperation among people concerned with human experience documentation. IOHA also aims to support and develop national oral history organizations.

More about IOHA could be found on its website or Facebook profile.

A series of oral history webinars

In cooperation with the Social Archives Center, we have prepared a series of webinars devoted to the collection, development and use of reports of witnesses of history. It consists of four meetings during which we discuss basic issues important to every person dealing with oral history.

We invite you to watch webinars, and above all to document our common history (all meetings were held in Polish).

How to register accounts of witnesses to history?
Marcin Jarząbek

The ethics of recording
Jakub Gałęziowski

Oral history in cultural activities
Katarzyna Bock-Matuszyk

Oral history. Archiving and reporting
Adriana Kapała