New management of PTHM

On June 7, a General Meeting of the members of our Society was held. During the meeting, a report on the work of the management board was adopted, and current projects and challenges for the future were discussed.
New authorities of the Polish Oral History Society were also elected.

The following were elected to the management board for the term of 2022-2025:

  • Jakub Gałęziowski (president)
  • Adriana Kapała (vice-president)
  • Katarzyna Bock- Matuszyk (vice-president)
  • Marcin Jarząbek (treasury)
  • Mariusz Bieciuka (secretary)

The following were delegated to the audit committee:

  • Marek Szajda (president)
  • Monika Szewczyk (vice-president)
  • Michał Studniarek (secretary)