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PTHM stawia sobie za cel doskonalenie standardów metodologicznych i etycznych historii mówionej tak jako dziedziny nauki czy kultury jak i działalności społecznej

IOHA Conference 2025 in Krakow!

At the XXII International Oral History Association conference (25-28 July) in Rio de Janeiro, Krakow has been unequivocally chosen as the venue for the next congress. The Polish Oral History Association will be the main organiser of this event, hosted by the Faculty of History of the Jagiellonian University. We will keep you posted on the details, for now we are celebrating the decision of the General Assembly delegates and the IOHA Council – to which Jakub Gałęziowski has joined. He will be the liaison between the two associations in the preparations to the conference. 

Over the past few weeks, thanks to the commitment of the PTHM Board and Alina Doboszowska from the Dobrawola Foundation, we prepared our submission. As we learned, the film won the hearts of the oral historians gathered in Rio. They highlighted the original idea, the message and the call to rethink oral history in a time of global change. The conference theme will be: “Re-thinking oral history”. We will do it together in Krakow! 

We invite you to watch a short film presenting our proposal: