COVID-19 and oral history

PTHM has prepared guidelines for people and institutions dealing with oral history on how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Their content, adopted at the General Meeting of PTHM on 3 December 2020, was created as a result of several months of discussion and work. We do not offer simple and straightforward answers, but we want to facilitate decision-making and risk assessment in oral history recording, as well as educational activities and spoken history project management. In the text, we indicate the possibility of recording live interviews as well as online interviews depending on the specific circumstances.

Our guidelines are open-ended; we will update them as the epidemic situation develops and we have more information and experience.

We encourage you to read the text of the guidelines.

Download: Covid-19 guidelines of the Polish Oral History Association

Text adopted by the General Meeting of PTHM on 3 December 2020.