The Oral History Archive of Budapest – meeting with Katalin Somlai

Polish Oral History Association invites you for a lecture by Katalin Somlai, a Hungarian oral historian from the 1956 Institute Foundation.
The talk and the discussion will be streamed on our Facebook profile.
The lecure and the discussion after it will be in English.
Katalin Somlai ia a historian. She was a lecturer at the Italian Department of Janus Pannonius University (Pécs, Hungary) and the Teacher Training College of Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest). She began to work as a research fellow for the 1956 Institute in 1992. After several studies on the history of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, her interest has focused on the cultural and social history of the Kádár era. She became head of the Oral History Archive of the Institute in 2009. She founded the content development, which offers insights into the personal history of the 20th century. She is on the Board of Trustees of the 1956 Institute Foundation.

Submitting texts to Wrocławski Rocznik Historii Mówionej

Proposals for articles, source materials, reviews, interviews, reports from conferences and scientific meetings to no 11 can be submitted until August 2021 via the website

Wrocławski Rocznik Historii Mówionej is an academic, interdisciplinary journal published by Ośrodek “Pamięć i Przyszłość” (“Remembrance and Future” Centre) – one and only in Poland that is devoted to the oral history research. Its goal is to create a platform for methodological reflection on oral history methodology and the exchange of experiences of various centres and experts – from different academic disciplines – engaged in research into the broadly defined area of oral history. This journal publishes both the results of research based on the use of sources of oral history and discussions on the methodology itself, as well as sources of oral history. This journal also presents information about current research, projects, conferences and recently published books concerning oral history. Each new issue of the journal is published by June of the following year.

Wrocławski Rocznik Historii Mówionej is listed in the databases of the Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, the Central and Eastern European Online Library, in Baza Czasopism Humanistycznych i Społecznych, and in the European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences (ERIH +).


Graphic: cover of the WRHM no. 8