First Oral History Seminar

The first meeting is over! On Wednesday, January 25, we kicked off the Oral History Seminar (Seminarium Historii Mówionej, SHM). Despite the unexpected twists and turns (finding a room – a challenge) and the flu, which decreased attendance, we gathered twenty-three people who managed to walk the labyrinths of the corridors in the Staszic Palace […]

New management of PTHM

On June 7, a General Meeting of the members of our Society was held. During the meeting, a report on the work of the management board was adopted, and current projects and challenges for the future were discussed. New authorities of the Polish Oral History Society were also elected. The following were elected to the […]

War testimony – Methodology and ethics

In response to questions that have arisen in connection to the war in Ukraine, we are publishing the guidelines on methodology and ethics developed during the implementation phase of the research-documentation project “24.02.2022, 5 am: Testimonies of War”. We encourage all oral historians, especially those interviewing victims of armed conflict, to read them carefully. The […]

PTHM aims to improve the methodological and ethical standards of oral history as a field of academic study, culture and social activity.

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